Kevin Kelly MSW, LICSW

I see individuals and couples, and have a specialty in working respectfully with men who would rather not be in therapy. I understand why many men are skeptical about therapy, or uncomfortable talking about feelings, and I do not get judgmental or impatient about this. Men who are concerned that in couple therapy they might be ganged up on and blamed will find that I don't do this to them or their partner. Of course, in addition to this specialty I enjoy working with women and with men who are comfortable with therapy!
In individual therapy, I help my clients learn to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, be kind to themselves, live in the present, and take effective action according to what they care about. In couple therapy, I help partners make their relationship a more consistent source of love, support, and connection.
I have a collaborative, nonjudgmental style of doing therapy. I help people with relationship problems, stress management, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, anger problems, addictive and compulsive behaviors, procrastination and underachievement, and issues of identity, meaning and purpose.


Here are the forms that I'd like you to download, fill in, and bring to your first session:

Client Intake Form

Client Registration Form

Couple Questionnaire

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