Our Therapists

The MN Couple Therapy Center was founded for the purpose of providing excellence in couple therapy.  We believe that in order to do this the therapist needs to have both excellent training in how to effectively work with couples and have significant experience doing so. Our therapists have both of these qualifications; we specialize in couple therapy. The MN Couple Therapy Center brings excellence to the field of marriage and family therapy in the Twin Cities by providing a hub for learning, practicing, and training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, one of the best research supported approaches to helping couples. 

Our therapists are also highly trained in working with individuals, and all therapists are happy to accept individual appointments. Some therapists have additional expertise and experience in areas such as trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, Discernment Counseling, Pre-Marital counseling, EMDR, eating disorders, spiritual concerns and others. Please feel free to ask about specific concerns.

Christine Hunter, MA, LP

Bryan Kingsriter, MA, LMFT

Vessela Kouneva, MS, LMFT

Jay Lampert, MA

Bev Stratton, MA, LPC, ThD

Nancy Dawn Van Beest, MS, LMFT

Carolyn Dehnbostel, MA, LMFT

Kurt Wical, Ph.D, LMFT

Cindy Frederick, MA, LMFT

Kevin Kelly, MSW, LICSW


Sarah Anderson, BSN RN

Sergio Vucci, BFA